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 I have had a passion for helping people reach their highest potential all my life.   I just formalized it in 2001 by starting Life Lessons Unlimited.  During the previous 20 years, I worked as a legal assistant, interspersed with many other ventures, such as operating a Gift Basket business, fundraising consultant, sales representative, Discovery Toys Consultant and Manager, supply teacher, management assistant with Northern Telecom, Mental Health Residential counselor and Youth Counsellor & Group Facilitator, Trainer.  The common thread in everything I’ve done was helping people meet their needs, providing empowerment and inspiration to anyone wanting to create their best life.  My specific focus is on helping others move through life transitions and managing all of life’s different areas in as seamless a way as possible.

Until I began coaching, counseling and doing group work, I always felt there was something missing in the work I did.  I have now truly found my purpose and passion in counseling and coaching.  I am compassionate, empathetic, nurturing and supportive by nature and love to share all that I have learned and experienced with others to help them find harmony and balance in their lives.

I am a Relationship and Transitions Specialist, a Registered Social Service Worker, a Certified Life Skills Coach, a Certified True Colors Trainer and a trained Reiki Practitioner.  A deep hunger for knowledge and learning has taken me on many other courses and workshops, including:  Therapist as a Life Coach, Anger Management, Positive Discipline Training, a variety of mental health workshops, business and marketing workshops and more.  I attend many conferences and events related to my work.  My goal is to stay as informed as possible so that I can pass on the most up-to-date information to my clients, as well as to help me do the best possible job for them.

In addition to my professional experience, my greatest contribution to others is to share my experience and knowledge as a parent.  I am Mom to three grown children - two sons and one daughter and grandmother to two beautiful grandsons.  I have learned to balance family life and professional life (well most days!) and ways to cope with the days that are not so balanced.  My other great achievement is my nearly 40 year marriage to my husband, my greatest teacher and supporter.  It is in my personal life that I have learned and practiced effective communication, understanding human nature and living harmoniously with others.

My other passions include, reading (anything and everything), writing and other creative arts, walking in nature, yoga, meditation, golf, traveling.  My dream is to some day have a house by water.

My mission is to continue to grow & learn and to share with, support and empower others on their journey of growth and self-discovery.  Won’t you journey with me?

My Publications include:     

  • Author of Chapter “I Can Have it All, Can’t I? Overcoming the SuperWoman Trap!”, Expert Women Who Speak, Speak Out, Vol. 5
  • Co-author and producer of: “The Power of Women United”



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